Administration, Maintenance and Problems

The cloudiest issue is partition management on the repository.
If there is any problem creating the partions then all the
targets will get errors inserting data.

to see the partitons look at


The job that creates the daily partitions and drops old partitions is

    var job number;
         ( job       => :job
          ,what      => 'ashpkg.part_management(''V$ASH_ALL'',7);'
          ,next_date => sysdate
          ,interval  => 'trunc(sysdate)+1'
          ,no_parse  => TRUE

if this should ever error out, then there could be problems. Theoretically
it should run fine on it's own because it drops old partions and creates 
new ones, thus running out of room should not be much of a problem unless
one the data collection amounts increase.


outputs any errors to the table


which you can check for errors. The table ash.v$ashlog will have the 
command that failed, which you can run by hand to see why it might
have failed.