Kyle Hailey
531 W Poplar Ave
San Mateo, Ca 94402

Profile Responsible for the redesign of the performance monitoring pages in Oracle's Enterprise Manager 10g which was instrumental in making OEM 10g the first successful version after 4 complete rewrites. The designs are still in use as the foundation of OEM 11g performance monitoring and have helped increased revenue by an order of magnitude. (currently in the 9 figures) The same designs have been adopted by other tools in the market.

Responsible for the design of Embarcadero.s DB Optimizer. DB Optimizer is first successful product the company has written internally and released in the last 8 years. After designing DB Optimizer, while concurrently working as PGM, took on the PM roll and promptly increased DB Optimizer revenue by 4 fold through marketing, training presales consultants and rallying the sales groups. Alongside all the work on DB Optimizer, I took on the PGM and PM roles for 3 other products (Change Manager, Rapid SQL Developer and Performance Center). The combined PM and PGM roles covered managing bugs, customer demands, backlogs, priorities, dates and releases as well as marketing, demos, conferences, industry news releases and interviews. The areas I covered concurrently were covered by five full time positions in the past.

Currently working on performance architecture, data collection and customer monitor UI at Delphix.


On top of product and program management, my passion is designing user interfaces that graphically display quantitative information in such a way that the user can comprehend the data quickly and easily the state of the system allowing them to accomplish work faster, more efficiently and, I like to think, more enjoyably.


Education B.A., Physics with minor in Computer Science, Cornell University 1988

Employment Performance Architect, Delphix, Palo Alto, CA
Director of Performance Products, Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA
Designer of DB Optimizer
Directed design, development and release for
      DB Optimizer
      Rapid SQL Developer
      Change Manager
      Performance Center
  Director, Enterprise Manager, Oracle Corporation, Redwood Shores, CA
Directed design and content for Enterprise Manager's performance monitoring.
  Application Architect, Quest, Irvine, CA
Designed and architected new features and algorythms for Quest's Spotlight and Database Expert.
  DBA Manager, Commerceflow, San Francisco, CA
Managed the DBA team responsible for mutliple Oracle databases for development, testing, reporting and production ASP.
  Analyst, Oracle Corporation, Redwood Shores, CA
Kernel Developer in Performance Group, 1 year
Onsite 'swat' team for backup, recovery and performance tuning for Oracles most important European customers, 4 years
Porting Engineer , 1 year
Support Technician, 3 years

Other Activities Speaker: RMOUG, NYOUG, NCOUG, HOTSOS, Oracle World
      co-author 'Oracle Insights'
      technical editor 'Oracle Wait Interface'
      written for NCOUG magazine
Patent Holder: Diagnosing database performance problems using a plurality of wait classes
      United States Patent 20060059205
      Issued August 17, 2004
Languages: fluent English, French
Awards: Best Fashion Photographer - San Francisco Fashion Awards 2009
References References available upon request