Dear Reader,

            Kyle is somewhat different from most of the other male Oaktable members. For one thing, he actually seems to know how to dress. We also suspect he has dozens of girls all over the World just waiting for him to stop by some day (but we've never been able to prove it).

            Kyle used to work in Oracle Development before he moved to Paris, where he spent several years in Gold Support, along with a bunch of first class French supporters.

            He was the first person to introduce me to the wait interface, having had it introduced to him by the legendary Roger Sanders, whilst on the Brushco project. Kyle always ruthlessly shares with others the things that he learns about Oracle and IT in general, without ever hesitating.

            Kyle worked for Quest for a while, and then rejoined Oracle in an exciting project: the idea was to bring a dream team into Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) development. The four chosen ones where Gaja Vaidyanatha, James Morle, John Beresniewicz, and Kyle (all of them OakTable members), and they were to do exciting things with the product, its architecture, and much more. The thinking behind their work will show up in the coming years in the OEM family of products, I'm sure.

            Meanwhile, as I'm, writing these works, Kyle has disappeared The editor can't find him, his Hotmail account is full and returns an error, and he's simply not available for comments as they say. Rumors have it that he has gone surfing (again) in some exotic place, probably spending his space time developing cool, visual applications for OEM. But we don't know for sure. One day he'll pop up again and pretend nothing has happened, and refuse to go into any details.

            So there's Kyle for you: open, friendly, speaks French, incredibly intelligent and sharp, always polite, ell dressed, cosmopolitan, sporty ... in other words, the typical OakTable member (just kidding!).

            In this chapter Kyle gives you the background for the DMA (Direct Memory Access) work he's been doing besides his real work over the last couple of years. It's a very fascinating piece of work, and Kyle has achieved impressive results with it. As you may have guessed, Kyle has been eager to share his findings with the community, being the true scientist he is.

            So if you ever get a chance to meet Kyle, take advantage of it before he moves on to the next beach!

            Mogens Nørgaard

            Miracle Consulting