Computer Experience (MS Word)

Kyle Hailey
4705 NE 21st Ave,
Portland OR 97211

Profile Recognized worldwide as an Oracle performance and tuning expert
Solid DBA with nearly 20 years experience
Passionate and knowledgeable of Oracle
Independent and self-motivated
Excellent Communication Skills and great with people

Education B.A., Physics with minor in Computer Science, Cornell University 1988

Computer Experience
Oracle Began working with Oracle in 1990 and have been working with Oracle full time ever since. Have done DBA work with all the versions in many capacities.
    Logical Design
    Load Testing and Logical Design Testing
    Version Migrations
    Data Migration
    Backup and Recovery
    Performance Monitoring and Tuning
Two years of full time support on version 6 on UNIX. One year of porting (compiled, linked, fixed bugs) version 6 onto Ultrix (pre Digital Unix).
Five years of support on performance, administration, installation and backup and recovery. Provided specialized support for the largest and most important Oracle customers in Europe.
One year of performance optimization work in Oracle's kernel development group. One year of DBA work.
One year as senior DBA for multiple 9i databases. Managed, installed, designed, backed up and recovered databases. One year doing design work and PL/SQL coding for Oracle monitoring tools on 9i.
Four years of design and implementation on DBA management and performance tools for Oracle 10g. Redesigned the performance interface for Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g.
OS Have worked on 20 or more operating systems since 1983. In mid-80s, worked shortly on mainframes and to some extent on VMS. Started working on UNIX based systems in the late 80s and have worked extensively on UNIX production environments ever since. Beginning in the mid 90s started working on Windows mainly for graphic user interface software such as Word, PowerPoint and Photoshop. In the last few years have spent more and more time working with Oracle on XP but still concentrate mainly on Oracle on UNIX.
Started working on Sun stations in 1989 and continued working on them on and off ever since. Have worked for Oracle at Sun research labs in Portland, Oregon and Sunnyvale, California.
Started working on IBM AIX in Oracle support in 1990 and have worked on them and off ever since. Have worked for Oracle at the IBM research and testing facilities in Austin, Texas.
Started working on HP/UX in Oracle support in 1990 and have worked on them and off ever since. Have worked for Oracle at the HP research and testing facilities in Cupertino, California.
  Linux Began working extensively on LINUX (Debian) in 2000 at a Bay Area startup and have worked on and off with Linux ever since, mainly Redhat but SUSE and Fedora as well. 2000-2007
  Sequent Dynix Started working on Sequents in Oracle support in 1990 and have worked on them and off until 1998. Have spent several months at the Sequent headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon for performance testing and proof of concept testing. 1990-1998
  Digital UNIX
Extensive work with Ultrix, OSF and Digital UNIX from 1990-1998 as the main support person at Oracle for issues on Digital Unix and then became porter for all the Oracle 6 code onto Digital UNIX. Became responsible for installing and maintaining Oracle's Digital UNIX machines. In Europe from 1995-1998 was the Oracle Digital UNIX expert working often at Digital's European research headquarters in Sophia Antiopolis, France.
Languages Began programming in Basic in 1983 and have been programming ever since. The languages change but the basic data structures, design, error handling and instrumentation are the same. Changes occur in language format, packaged functions and information passing. I have programmed in Basic, C, Fortran, Pascal, SH, CSH, KSH, make, TK/TCL, Python, HTML, CSS and JAVA. 1987-2007
Began coding in C in university in 1987 and have used it on and off ever since. Became responsible for porting the full Oracle 6 code in C onto Ultrix in 1992. Well known for my code work in C for reading Oracle's shared memory directly without SQL as documented in the book "Oracle Insights."
  SQL and PL/SQL
Began coding in SQL in 1989 and have used SQL extensively ever since.
My language of choice for prototyping graphic user interfaces. I have programmed extensively in TK/TCL and provide a free Oracle graphic monitor on Sourceforge and on my personal website
Coded production software for a session pool interface between online website auction code and an Oracle database.
Limited experience with Java in code snippets to test performance issues. Coded the structure for an Oracle graphical performance monitor. Used the Eclipse framework to code the Oracle graphical performance monitor.
Software MS Office
  • MS Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  •   Graphics
  • Photoshop (CS2)
  • In Design