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I strongly recommend Kyle Hailey's talk to all DBAs - Chen Shapira

Kyle is a brilliant Oracle performance expert with a passion and talent for compelling graphical user interfaces. He is a friend and favorite collaborator.. March 22, 2007 John Beresniewicz, Consulting Member of Technical Staff, Oracle Corporation

If you are in the right geography ( or perhaps geography doesn.t matter, I don.t know) and need a real heavy hitter, I.d recommend contacting PerfVision.com and have a chat with Kyle. Kevin Closson

Kyle Hailey established himself as a pioneer in the world of Oracle Performance Tuning with his ground-breaking paper on "Direct SGA Attached Collector" a few years ago. He was the first to determine and document the internal workings of Oracle in the area of collecting performance system statistics directly from the memory structures. I had the pleasure of working with Kyle at Oracle Corporation when we were involved in the re-work and re-architecture of the Oracle Enterprise Manager Performance Management screens as part of Oracle Database 10g. I have learned a lot from this great guy and I continue to do so in each of our interactions. I would recommend Kyle for any project that involves Oracle Performance Management.. July 10, 2007 Gaja Krishna Vaidyanatha, Director, System Management Products, Oracle Corporation